Network Professionals is seeking professionals to join our South Pinellas chapters in St. Petersburg, Gulfport, St. Pete Beach, Seminole, and Pinellas Park Florida. We have networking groups that meet at both breakfast and lunch for the convenience of our members. You may visit as a guest to other chapters as many times as you like (up to once per calendar quarter if your seat is not represented in that chapter).
We are also looking for professionals in areas where we do not currently have a chapter location to start new chapters with us as charter members of new networking groups using our proven formula and 100% guarantee. Call Michelle at 727-410-2771 today for more information on this opportunity.
If there is a time or day that we do not offer for our business networking groups that are currently in place you can make a request to charter a new networking group at a time and location that is convenient for you and your fellow members.
If you complete the guest pass form we will be in touch to discuss all of the opportunities that are available as potential members of one of our networking groups.
The benefits of word-of-mouth marketing and direct referrals are unlimited. There are not many better leads than a word-of-mouth referral passed by a fellow member to one of their contacts. In short, you have instant credibility with your lead and it is a far easier process to convert that prospect into a valuable client and future word of mouth marketing partner who can pass referrals, participate in business networking with you and your fellow members in your networking group.
This is the true benefit of Business Networking with NPI and joining a business networking group with us. Through our training and systems, we can teach you to become a great referrer of business leads to your fellow members and a resource to your existing clients and business partners looking for the services of a reliable professional through your business networking group.
Call Today to Lock Out Your Competition! 727-410-2771